Dry July

For most of us the month of July means the windsurf kit stays pretty “dry” here in Geraldton. Any cross, or cross-off breeze is starboard tack as the NW fronts roll in, and is generally all over by late morning as the wind shifts more onshore. This July has been different with summer like patterns rolling in as large Highs park up causing SE airstreams with mild sea breezes. Coupled with our regular portions of winter swell, we’ve had some fun conditions. Before you call “bullshit”, the wind has been pretty light, short lived, and by Gero standards, f#*@ing cold, but for those up for it, theres been smooth riding on offer. There has even been debate in the car park about whether this is a late finish, or early start to the season!
One man who never misses any opportunity is Aussie Mick. I was lucky to get this pic. I rushed in after being out there myself and knew Mick would only get one more. I was happy to even turn the Camera on in time let alone crank on the motor drive. But it is evidence, even if it was the smallest wave of the day, that its not all….. “bullshit”!!

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